With our concepts, we offer different solutions for the areas of Storage and Organizing as well as for Design and Trend.

We are glad to present to you:

Design & Trend

Trendy colors, extraordinary forms and innovative concepts! Surplus Systems tracks market activities and emphasizes on the trendy features. Special project teams and intensive collaborations with our clients generate great innovations and flexibility.

Storing & Organizing

We offer functional storage and organizing solutions for all rooms at home or business (Storage closet, garage, cellar). Through sophisticated designs we use every free space at its best. Furthermore, our boxes are extremely stable (perfect for long-term storage and transport) and temperature and weather resistant. A perfect modularity in matched sizes and colors allow combinations, which make storing and organizing a great pleasure. The boxes are perfectly made for storing and transportation of heavy goods or many other items is possible.


In the office area, we developed special boxes and shelves. Our Plusboxes are collapsible boxes, which can easily be connected to each other. The Plusbox features two openings on each side of the end of the box, so that items can easily be taken out. Our Smartshelf can be perfectly used as a single shelf or in combination with the Plusboxes (integrable) or as a room divider. These articles help to improve your office ambiente. The different front colors can be supplied in many different colors and brighten your room. As an accessory, we offer special dividers for our Plusboxes.

Professional Storage

1. Klappbox-Midi

2. Klappbox-Mini

3. Knitterbox-Midi

4. Plusbox

5. Knitterbox-Maxi

6. Smartshelf

7. Klappbox-Maxi

8. Knitterbox-Mini mit Kordel

With our Box series, we developed a new professional system for the storage and organizing area. Rigid boxes, in three different colors and Folding boxes in many trend colors and wooden style, fit perfectly together. The system is completely modular. A large choice of accessories as lids, trolleys and inserts complement the range.


Thus, we are offering different concepts to store and transport goods in a space efficient, clean and secure way. The products serve the end consumer at home as well as entrepreneurs and industry. On demand, we offer to develop individual concepts for our clients. Please contact us for special requests! 

Retail concepts

1. Klappbox-Mini  -  Garten-Zwerg-Kistee

2. Euronormbox

3. Knitter-Pflanzentopf

4. Klappbox-Midi  -  My little Garden

5. Knitterbox mit Kordel

6. Klappbox-Mini

7. Klappbox-Midi

8. Knitter-Übertopf

We are consequently searching for new ideas and trends and we focus especially on sustainability. We have created the new Smart-Display, which is capable of replacing up to 30 ordinary paper-displays. This display comes in three different sizes, available with rolls or skids, and can be produced in your corporate colors with a full color print (e.g. your logo). The Smart-Display features a warranty of 3 years. We also offer complementary accessories for our display.: Dumps and slants, which fit perfectly on the display and optimize the presentation of your merchandise. Furthermore, we offer crates for fruits and vegetables and multiway inlays for the enhanced presentation of the fruit and vegetables.