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Product overview

Euronormboxes transparent


The Euronorm boxes are very stable plastic contain- ers which are odorless, cold and heat resistant as well as insensitive to most acids and alkalis. 

Euronormboxes - black

Conscious “ecologocal” storing and organizing with the Euronorm box in black based on recycled material. 

Euronormboxes - grey

The Euronorm boxes are particularily stable plastic containers which are odorless, cold and heat resistant as well as insensitive to most acids and alkalis. 

Insert Euronormbox


The new inserts are perfect complementaries for all boxes that we offer in Euronorm sizes. The inserts are available in the color grey and in four different sizes.


Lid with and without hinges, are the perfect supplements to our Euronormbox.

Euronormbox with hatch


The Euronormbox with discharge opening is an inno- vative storing and organizing box. To remove objects from the stacked boxes, it is equipped with an opening on the front. 

Krinkle Bag


With the largest version of the Krinkle bag series, the Krinkle Bag large, a – on first sight - common commodity item turns out to be a box with a WOW - effect. 

Krinkle Storage Box

With the new Krinkle Storage box, we combine our two business fields Storing & Organizing with Design to build this perfect combination.

Folding Box Large

The folding box large, the biggest of the folding box series, has a footprint of 60 x 40 cm and is available in black and grey. The active lock is function-optimized and allows a quick and easy folding and unfolding 



The Storage Tower consists of three Euronormboxes with discharge openings. The top box is sealed with a hinged lid to protect the content from dust and dirt. 

Lid / Reversal adapter / Trolley

Equipment around the Euronorm box