The Smartshelf, the perfect storage shelf and attrac­tive dividing wall for every office! It is a mobile shelf in a tasteful light grey, available in three different ver­sions. The sturdy body and the sturdy castors allow the storing of various objects and easy movement of the Smartshelf. Our Plusboxes fit perfectly in the Smartshelf and help to organize the workspace. But the Smartshelf also finds its place in your home, for example as a sideboard in the children’s room or a shoe cabinet in the hallway.

Product description:  Smartshelf
Dimensions: L x W x H mm
2 x 4 570 x 980 x400

3 x 4

840 x 980 x 400

4 x 4

1100 x 980 x 400


black, light grey

Data sheet
Smartshelf 2x4_EN.pdf
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Data sheet
Smartshelf 3x4_EN.pdf
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Data sheet
Smartshelf 4x4_EN.pdf
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Montage-Anleitung 2x4
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Montage-Anleitung 3x4
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Montage-Anleitung 4x3
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Montage-Anleitung 4x4
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